Rank One Information


  • All Athletes starting in the 2020-2021 School Year will be required to register on RankOne. 
  • No physicals will be turned in to the athletic office.  All physicals will be turned in online through RankOne
  • Click Here is a video for uploading the physical
  • Parents Rank One Instructions
    1. Go to https://rankonesport.com/ on mobile browser
    2. Click on “Parents Click Here” Red Button.
    3. Click on “Online Forms – Go To Forms” Button
    4. Select your State – Click on Kansas
    5. Select your district – Wichita Public Schools


    1. Welcome to Parent Portal (Read the Directions) – Click on Click Here or Proceed to Online Forms.
    2. Log In (You will need to create a log in at this point).
    3. Parents must claim the student based on legal last name and school ID number.

    Ex. Here is the button to add a new student as well as what it looks like to claim a kid.

    1. By clicking on the students name you will get a list of all forms needed.


    1. Click each link and both parent and student must electronically sign each form.
    2. Each page of the physical (1-4) must be filled out, and electronically uploaded using the upload by selecting a Picture and taking a picture of each page in the correct section.
    3. Go through each form from #9. And fill them out.
    4. One you are done wait for final approval which will be done by the Athletic Director.